For my own ease of use, a list of the pages I've done for the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe, and some links to help me work on future ones...

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Entries I'm working on, not yet finished at last edit of this website:

I'm considering a profile on the Nobel Prize in the Marvel universe.

Future plans: I'm working my way through the obscurities of MTIO & related titles - eventually Devil Dinosaur: the Movie, Gator Grant, Professor Kort, Livewire, the Monitors, Kinji Obatu, UCWF, Xandu, and what the heck, Bunny. Others I'd like to see done but may or may not ever do would include Balkatar, Gears Garvin, Peter Saunders, and Tamara Rahn.

Entries I've finished, up and on-line at the Appendix, in order of completion:

Ranark the Ravager (12-28-03)
Ennis Tremellyn (1-24-04)
Gh'runji race (1-25-04)
K'rithian race (1-25-04)
Piranha (1-28-04)
Virus X (2-16-04)
Nth Command (2-18-04)
Floating Super-Hero Poker Game (2-21-04)
Ted Silverberg (7-11-04)
W'Sulli (7-11-04)
Serpent Squad (third) (11-20-04)
Hugh Jones (10-02-06)
Michael Rossi (12-27-06)
Roxxon (02-04-07)
Lancer (03-02-07)

Serpent Society (06-10-07)
Anaconda (06-10-07)
Asp (06-10-07)
Black Mamba (06-10-07)
Black Racer (06-10-07)
Boomslang (06-10-07)
Bushmaster (06-10-07)
Coachwhip (06-10-07)
Copperhead (06-10-07)
Cottonmouth (06-10-07)
Death Adder (06-10-07)
Death Adder (2nd) (06-10-07)
Puff Adder (06-10-07)
Rattler (06-10-07)
Rock Python (06-10-07)

Sidewinder (06-10-07)
Sidewinder (3rd) (06-10-07)
"Serpent Squad" (06-11-07)
Serpent Squad of Earth-1610 (06-14-07)
Serpent Society of Earth-27537 (06-14-07)
Krokarr (06-17-07)
Manduu (06-17-07)
Y'Androgg (06-17-07)
Super-Adaptoid (06-26-07)
Sword of Judgement (07-01-07)
Eugene "the Kid" Everett (07-04-07)
Kaiwann (07-14-07)
Brain Drain (07-23-07)
Serpent Society of Earth-20051 (08-19-07)
Serpent Squad (fifth) (08-19-07)

Peter Corbeau (9-30-07)
Siren (1-08-08)
Brand (Roxxon) (1-20-08)
Brand (2nd) (1-20-08)
Cybertek (1-20-08)
Project: PEGASUS (2-23-08)
Rutland, Vermont (6-27-08)
Washington state (12-13-08)
Oregon state (12-13-08)
Idaho state (12-13-08)
Bloated Bandit (2-19-09)
Serpent Society (2nd) of Earth-20051 (04-12-09)
Morgana Blessing (08-01-09)
Sara Wolfe (08-01-09)
Candy Man (03-12-10)

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