Marvel Biographies is a Google Custom Search tool which searches only selected sites which provide biographies of Marvel comics characters. If you think another site deserves to be included then feel free to email me at the address at the bottom of the page. Please read through the criteria below to decide if that site really belongs in this, and please don't be offended if it takes me a little while to get back to you. Also, please don't be offended if I choose not to include it - I've chosen not to even include my own website!

Major Criteria for Inclusion:

Any site with little or no control over the information posted on it, or little or no regard for the facts as seen in print, will not be included. A site may have favored theories as to why Gwen and Norman did what they did, but if those are reported in a Gwen Stacy biography as fact, that site does not belong in here.

Any website which cites where it gets its information is give priority for inclusion. If a site report a Gwen/Norman theory as "theory" in a Gwen bio, and cites each piece of supporting evidence with where it came from, that site may well still be included.

It's a biography site! Your site may have the world's best issue summaries of Marvel Two-in-One, but if there aren't actual character biographies on the site, it won't be included here. For that matter, if we can't include a site's biographies without including lots of non-relevant material, it also won't be included - biographies need to be (mostly) uniquely identifiable from the rest of their site by URL.

Level of Detail.
Its a biography site, but it needs to be a useful biography site. If the biographies aren't in-depth enough to include material not already included, then adding it would only make the Marvel Biographies searches much harder to navigate.

Included sites need to cover a number of characters. A site may have the world's best ever biography of Thanos, but if its only Thanos, then it probably won't be included. Adding (and occasionally checking up on) one link per character is far too much work...

Still want included?.
Email us at moe4ohotmu - at - Please make "Marvel Biographies" the subject line, and tell us a little bit about the suggested site in the text. If its not worth your taking the time to convince us of the site's value, then we're probably not going to take the time to investiagte it.

This site has no affiliation with Marvel Comics, and the selection of sites herein should not be read as an endorsement nor as an acknowledgement of those sites by Marvel.